What We Do

Friends of Fashion specializes in creating private events with the country’s top fashion designers. We work with corporations, cultural institutions and individuals in curating specialized programs that allow unparalleled access to designers whose creations are worn on the red carpet, in boardrooms, on film, and touted in the pages of society columns and international style publications.


Friends of Fashion creates a program suited to our clients’ directives. We have provided intimate visits to designers’ ateliers, to see them at work, to learn what inspires them, much like a studio visit art collectors make to appreciate how a painter or sculptor creates.


We have orchestrated private fashion shows…organized and hosted one-on-one discussions with designers on their collections…and pulled together a bazaar featuring one-of-a-kind couturiers.


Thanks to many years working for the country’s top fashion magazines, including Vogue, Elle, and Harper’s Bazaar, our relationships are excellent and long-standing. We love to discover new designers as well, including those whose names most people have never heard of, but who do remarkable work:  the designer who created Angelina Jolie’s dress for the Oscars…the designer that Nicole Kidman wore for her cover of Vanity Fair…the shoe artist who created the wonders Hilary Swank called her own in PS: I Love You…the designer who really created the “Eleanor Waldorf” collection on Gossip Girl and dressed Blake Lively and our network of hundreds of designers we can call on includes those for women and men…teens, adults, and even babies…bridal, black tie, sportswear and lingerie…spectacular jewelry…shoes…handbags…etc. If it is created in New York City, we know designers who do it, and who will give us special access to let your corporate, cultural or personal group see them at work, or have them come to you.


And we know some of the best designers in Los Angeles, too, and can plan your fashion event on the West Coast.